helping to
build the
homes in the

Manufacturing furniture with beauty, quality and affordable to everyone, in order to make each home more beautiful and comfortable is the desire of Briz. That’s why we work with a qualified team, thoughtful projects and with the certainty that every day we make this dream possible for more people.

This is our way of helping, so that every home is the most comfortable place possible for those who live in it.

A name linkedo
to tradition

Briz is part of Henn group, one of the largest furniture industries in the country. This enables the mission of producing furniture with provenance and durability, which fit into any budget. In addition, belonging to this group also puts at our disposal the experience and structure necessary to innovate more and more.

There are more than 80 thousand square meters of built area and a modern and advanced intelligent logistics system that allows us to manufacture, together with Henn, furniture with agility and quality and accessible to all Brazilian families.

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